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Asphalt planer

Asphalt planer
Asphalt planer
Asphalt planer
Asphalt planer-thumb
Asphalt planer
Asphalt planer
  • Removal and roughening of roads and surfaces
  • Independent depth adjustment on right and left side
  • Self-leveling in the longitudinal as well as in the transverse direction
  • Uniform milling depth also on uneven surface
  • Clean milled surface even with tilted machine


Operating widthmm450
Depthmm0 - 150
Lateral displacementmm650
Oil volumel/min65 - 140
Pressurebar300 - 160
Connections for model PL45.20Prerequisites
2 hoses (lateral displacement)3rd control circuit
2 hoses (planer drive)High Flow 100 - 115 l/min
1 hose (return)unpressurized front return
1 plug receptacle 3-pole (skid height regulation)front plug receptacle 3-pole
1 plug receptacle, 7-pole (water spraying device)front plug receptacle 7-pole
hand gas, hand inching

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