Wacker Neuson telehandler TH412 in action with pallet fork

Telehandler TH412: Compact and powerful

All wheel steering, low centre of gravity and excellent stability distinguish the TH412 telehandler. The integrated driver assistance system VLS (Vertical Lift System) ensures safety, while also increases the operator comfort. The electronically regulated drive system with various operator modes enables an externally productive work operation with the machine. Thanks to its low operating weight and very compact dimensions, the TH412 can be transported on a car trailer without any problems. This makes its flexible for use in many different areas.

Wacker Neuson Telehandler TH412, Electric parking brake

Electric parking brake

  • The electric parking brake automatically activates if the machine stands still, the direction of travels is set to neutral or the operator leaves the seat. The parking brake is automatically released if the machine is put into gear using the accelerator. This provides the operator and their working environment with a maximum level of safety and comfort. The machine can therefore be operated more efficiently using the electric parking brake.
  • Naturally, the electric parking brake can likewise be manually activated and deactivated by operating a switch. The operator therefore always has control and can work with the machine in accordance with their requirements.
  • The electric parking brake provides both a comfortable auto-hold and hill-hold function. This prevents the machines from unintentionally rolling away and in doing so increases safety when working.
Wacker Neuson telehandler TH412, compact, performance

Compact and powerful

  • The telehandler is impressive with its optimal relationship between lift height, compact dimensions, and powerful machine performance. This combination in such a compact machine is unique.
  • With the all wheel steering, 4-wheel drive and one-piece frame, it is completely stable and well-equipped for many different tasks. The low centre of gravity of the machine also increases the stability.
  • Precisely when its tight, for example in work passages in storage sites or in tight construction sites, the telehandler comes into its won with its small radii and optimal maneuverability.

More Features

Wacker Neuson telehandler TH412, comfort cabin

Comfort cabin

  • The cabin is captivating with its generous provision of space, optimised overview and perfect ergonomics. The organisation of the cabin elements therefore follow a modern operating philosophy and a colour-oriented operating concept for efficient and fatigue-free work. Features, such as the armrest with an integrated storage compartment, sun-blind, optimised heating and ventilation, as well as the optional air-conditioning system, ensure an extraordinarily high level of comfort.
Wacker Neuson telehandler TH412e-TH522 adjustable steering wheel and steering column, studio

Adjustable steering wheel and steering column

  • The height and tilt of the steering wheel and steering column can be adjusted individually over a wide range. This allows operators to work in a very ergonomic and concentrated manner, with the settings that suit them best.
Wacker Neuson telehandler TH412-TH522 air conditioner, studio

Air-conditioning system

  • The optional air conditioning system ensures a pleasant working climate inside the cab when outside temperatures are warm. It ensures a high airflow and impresses with its optimized cooling capacity. The operating element for the control and the air nozzles are always in the best possible position.
  • The air conditioning system increases the comfort for the operator. It enables fatigue-free work as it reduces the strain on the operator in warm outdoor temperatures.
Wacker Neuson telehandler Th412, TH522, driver's seat (console not sprung), studio

Comfortable and ergonomic operator's seat

  • The driver's seat is ergonomically shaped, well sprung and adjustable. The optional air sprung comfort seat offers even more pleasant conditions. Seat heating is available for cold temperatures. This increases the comfort for the operator. He can thus concentrate on working with the machine for longer periods.
  • Depending on the model, different seats are available to match the size of the machine. The various seat adjustment options allow individual settings for the operator, providing optimum comfort.
Wacker Neuson telehandler TH412, speed limiter, studio

Proportional speed limiter (slow speed device)

  • With the proportional speed limiter (slow speed device), very slow travel speeds can be achieved in the first speed stage at constant engine speed. This offers an advantage when using attachments that are operated at a constant high speed but at a very low driving speed at the same time.
  • The proportional speed limiter (slow speed device) enables comfortable and concentrated work with attachments such as a sweeper, hedge trimmer or mulcher, even over longer periods of time.
The steering column is adjustable in inclination and height.

The steering column is adjustable to the needs of the operator.

  • An ergonomically favorable position can be set for every type and size of operator. More comfort through individual adjustment.
  • The steering wheel can be folded away. This makes available more room for entering and exiting.
Wacker Neuson telehandler TH522, speed 30 km/h

30 km/h speed

  • With the corresponding engine version, the machine can reach speed of up to 30 km/h. This enables the faster implementation of the machine from A to B, and as a result saving time and increasing economic efficiency.
Wacker Neuson telehandler TH412, High hydraulic power

High hydraulic performance

  • A Wacker Neuson machine has sufficient hydraulic power and is therefore suitable for the operation of many different attachments.
  • The flexible combination of machine and a variety of hydraulically operated attachments covers numerous work tasks.
  • Advantage: Machines with a high hydraulic power save money as it is not necessary to switch to a larger machine.
Wacker Neuson telehandler TH412, Electronically-controlled traction drive Attachment-Mode

Electronically regulated drive system: Attachment-Mode

  • The attachment mode perfectly supports the use of hydraulic attachments. In attachment mode, the diesel engine of the machine and the attachment are always optimally utilized. This ensures maximum productivity and the best possible work result. The operator is relieved and can also work for a longer period with the machine in a concentrated manner.
  • In attachment mode, the hand throttle is used to set the speed of the diesel engine and the driving speed is controlled with the low-speed driving device. Using this, speeds can be set very precisely in increments of 0.1 km/h via the display. This guarantees a constant feed for the attachment. If, however, driving or reversing movements need to be performed more quickly, operating the foot pedal at any time will override this and the machine can be run at maximum speed.
  • If the load is too high on the attachment (e.g. cut material of various kinds in front of a mulcher), the machine automatically reduces the driving speed in order to make the highest possible power available to the attachment. If the load is reduced again, the machine returns to the driving speed previously set.
Wacker Neuson telehandler TH522, Multitool attachments

The telehandler as an equipment carrier

  • Telehandlers are used for a huge range of jobs, and Wacker Neuson offers an equally extensive portfolio of attachments. With our comprehensive and well thought-out attachment range, you can turn any model into a multi-functional all-rounder.
  • The “telehandler” investment can be used in a vast number of task fields, and as a result, it is very economical.
  • The machine can be used all year round (e.g. even for winter service), relying on many different attachments depending on the application.
Wacker Neuson telehandler TH412, Equipment

Variety of equipment

  • Wacker Neuson machines have an extensive and high-quality range of standard components. In addition, the engine, drive, operator's station, and hydraulics can be individually configured depending on application and model. It is always guaranteed that the machine will be right for the individual demands and preferences of the customer.
Wacker Neuson telehandler TH412, Rear hydraulic connections

Rear hydraulic connections

  • The telehandler can be equipped with hydraulic connections (simple or dual-acting) on the rear. As a result, the application possibilities for the machine are expanded, because the hydraulic rear attachment or the tipper trailer can be operated.
  • The machine can be used multi-functionally for different activities. No additional vehicles or machines are required.
Wacker Neuson telehandler TH412, All-round visibility

Excellent all-round visibility

  • The TH412’s cab provides a good overview of the attachments, the immediate work area and the entire area around the machine. In combination with the sloping engine bonnet, the low side window on the right-hand side and the high seat position ensure an optimal view. This increases safety across the machine's entire work area.
  • Thanks to the wide front windscreen and roof window, it is always possible to view the attachment. This is particularly important to effectively and safely work with the telehandler at height.
Wacker Neuson telehandler TH412, lightning

Good illumination of the work area

  • Lighting can be adapted to various requirements depending on the model: Halogen lighting, lighting according to Road Traffic Regulations (StVZO) (halogen or LED), LED lighting (normal or performance), rotating beacons and additional headlights on the telescopic arm. This makes customised work with the machine possible, even in the dark.
  • Good illumination of the work area increases work safety and provides the operator with a longer period of time to work with the machine fatigue-free.
Wacker Neuson telehandler TH412e, View to the right

Good visibility to the right

  • The view to the right is often insufficient with many telehandlers. With Wacker Neuson, this is guaranteed through the large-sized right window, the low positioning of the telescopic arm and the steeply sloping engine hood. The operator always has an optimal view of the area to the right of the machine and of the right mirror. This increases safety in the entire working area of the machine.
Wacker Neuson telehandler TH412e-TH522 lubrication points, Studio

Easily accessible machine components.

  • It is essential for the correct and effective maintenance to regularly lubricate all lubrication points, and therefore for the application safety of the machine. In order to save time and facilitate work, all lubrication points are always easily accessible.
  • Since the lubrication points are easily accessible, regular lubrication of the machine is particularly easy. This in turn increases the longevity of the machine and increases its value preservation.
Wacker Neuson telehandler TH412, reversible fan, studio

Reversible fan

  • At the push of a button, dirt is blown away from the cooling fins and onto the intake surfaces of the engine hood. The hydraulic motor and pump are designed so that the fan's airflow can be reversed (reversing capability). This protects the machine from damage due to overheating and avoids additional manual maintenance.
  • The reversible fan increase the service life of the engine and provides a plus-point in terms of comfort for the operator.
Wacker Neuson telehandler TH412, pressure relief at the loading unit, studio

Pressure release on the telescopic boom

  • The button for the pressure discharge is easy to access outside on the telescopic arm. In this way, different hydraulic attachments can be replaced even faster and more efficiently. This also occurs with a running engine (diesel) or a switched on machine (electric).
  • When the pressure relief is activated, the active hydraulic control circuit is depressurized and hydraulically operated attachments can be changed effortlessly and safely.

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