Tandem roller RD18

Tandem roller RD18: Compact and maneuverable

The RD18 is a compact and particularly maneuverable roller in the 1,8-t class. The 3-point articulated joint, combined with a large drum diameter, delivers even compaction performance and a high-quality asphalt surface. The user benefits from a comfortable work platform and intuitive operation. A feature of the RD18 is the one-sided drum lifting point with drums offset, which makes precise compaction possible very close to edges and walls on both sides.

Illustration single-sided drum suspension with drum offset Wacker Neuson tandem rollers

One-sided drum fastening with drum offset

  • The one-sided fastening with simultaneous drum offset offers complete curb clearance (no overhang on either side). The roller can approach and compact up to the edge on both sides, even at high walls.
  • The drum offset allows for crab steering and easy maneuvering, e.g. driving away from long walls. This makes quick and efficient work possible.

More Features

Illustration Display Wacker Neuson Wacker Neuson tandem rollers and single drum soil compactors

Clearly arranged, intuitive operator panel

  • The operator panel has a voice-neutral, purely graphical interface. This visually attractive display makes operation easy and intuitive. This allows the operator to find his way around very quickly.
  • The operating displays of the machine are integrated in the operator panel. Due to this, the operator has all machine functions in view at all times.
Wacker Neuson tandem rollers edge work

Large curb clearance

  • The overhang over the edge of the drum begins very high up allowing for compaction to take place right to the edge of higher walls. This allows for a wider range of applications and greater efficiency.

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