Excavators with Vertical Digging System: small detail, big results.

The Vertical Digging System VDS supports you exactly when you need it. With VDS, you can excavate efficiently even in inclined positions, such as on a slope or curb. With a press of a button, the excavator takes a vertical position that allows more precise work. You’ll gain productivity on uneven terrain, as you’ll be saving up to 25% material on excavation and backfilling. This way, you have more time for other tasks. Experience the unique VDS. Only from Wacker Neuson.

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A small detail.

Compact excavators in particular often move on uneven terrain. They work on slopes or curbs. That's exactly when the entire excavator inevitably tilts to one side. A sloping thing.


With big results!

Our Vertical Digging System straightens your excavator. With just one push of a button, the superstructure of our excavators with VDS straightens up. This gives you back your usual visibility, allows you to sit up straight and work more efficiently.